Crimminal Assault

Imagine if you will a group of people gathering and evil people arrive to kill as many of those in attendance as possible. With the first shot the attendees draw and return fire killing the assailants with a barrage of projectiles. No one killed, no one wounded except the assailants. This is what should be the norm, then mass shooting would be non-existing in our country.
Under the Liberal Socialist Doctrine, the two assailants escape after killing half in attendance and critically wounding the rest, resulting into a multi million dollar dragnet.

Should we all have the right to be armed to protect our Life Liberty and pursuit of happiness? Only traitors of our Free Republic that would have us slaves to a Totalitarian State would not agree and work to disarm us.

We are faced with several enemies to our Freedom and Rights. What and where do we go from here?

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Neighborhood Civil Defense

Local residents gathering to protect and keep secure our local community neighborhood and its inhabitants from all threats man made or by nature.
Interested individuals committed to Neighborhood Civil Defense should obtain their Ham License for emergency communications among group and other related organizations.

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